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    Our Family and Divorce Lawyers

    Our goal at the M.C. Law Group is to help those faced with a possible divorce find the best possible resolution for
    them to move forward in a positive direction. We do encourage those on the fence about filing for a divorce to
    seek professional counseling to determine if the marriage can be saved. We also offer mediation services for
    those who want an uncontested divorce. Nevertheless, whether it is a contested or uncontested divorce, you
    need to make some well informed decisions. Please follow the links below for more information.

    • Counseling
    • Mediation
    • Grounds for Divorce
    • Equitable Distribution of Marital Property
    • Custody and Visitation
    • Child Support
    • Alimony

    Property and Assets Valuation (Family Business, Real Estate, Inheritance and Family Heirlooms)

    If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office.

    If you would like to consult with one of our experienced family law attorneys, please call us at (203) 680-3294,
    or e-mail us at info@mclawct.com.

    We charge $200 for an initial consultation, however the consultation is FREE (fee is waived) if you retain our
    services. A consultation will be a one on one meeting with an attorney in which the attorney will analyze your
    case and provide you with a explanation of your options and best possible path to follow.